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What is Spirituality

Ever tried answering the question: what is Spirituality? Like most people, you’ll probably find it a tricky thing to define.

Once spirituality referred to your devotional life of piety, now it’s used to describe dimensions of your inner life and sense of identity.

Your inner live reflects subtle dimensions of awareness. It’s your felt sense, identity, values and feeling of belonging to something more. You know you are more than an individual ego when you sense a larger, more valuable horizon of reality shaping who you are becoming. People have given this sense of more many names. The more can be called Transcendent, God, the Universe, the Sacred or Source of Life.

While your spirituality may begin with awareness of the Sacred, it unfolds as you grow in relationship with that which is beyond yourself. This relationship stirs your desire, shapes your longings, informs your self-understanding and becomes your frame of reference for your spiritual practice. It’s like a fire inside us creating energy and curiosity. Your spirituality unfolds as you channel this energy into disciplines and habits you live by.

You can’t choose to consume or discard your spirituality, rather, it shapes who you are. A Norwegian legend describes human spirituality as desire and searching for God: ‘before a soul is put into the body the soul is kissed by God and during all of its life on earth, the soul retains a dim, but powerful, memory of that kiss and relates everything to it.’ Recalling the kiss of God creates a restlessness in human beings as we long to taste it again. This restlessness leads people on a whole variety of pathways in search of the sacred other.

I wonder…do you sometimes feel restlessness?

How do you sense your soul’s longing?

Along which path does this longing lead you?

Are you aware of the presence of more?

How will you name and explore your relationship with this sense of more?

Human spirituality is the out-working of our collective human desire, which is at the heart of religion, to reconnect with the source of life. Spirituality is reflected in the disciplines and habits you live by and will impact your sense of belonging and relatedness to other people, the cosmic world and to that sense of more some call God. Human spirituality is not a commodity that can easily be defined. It’s that restless seeking of relationship and identity shaping who you are becoming.


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