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Suzanne Moss

Artist/Teacher/Life Coach

Seeing images of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of the musculo-skeletal system, inspired Suzanne’s first career in Physiotherapy. Drawing and painting remained important practices with her attendance at a Florentine art school, working with a private teacher for several years and caring for the other budding artist – her daughter.

In her element at art school from her mid-30’s, Suzanne graduated with a number of awards, including The Australian National University Medal and The Torres ANU Emerging Artists’ Travelling Scholarship to Spain. After a couple of years, she returned to doctoral research culminating in her exhibition Painting light, Touching Space (2010).

Suzanne lectured in Visual Art subjects (2007-14), had three successful solo exhibitions, was included in several curated exhibitions including The Blake Prize (2010) and was artist-in-residence in Australia (Hill End), Tuscany and California.

Following a major tragedy, Suzanne’s teaching and development of her courses brought both respite and insights, further deepening her art practice. A few years later she published her small book Painting Light, Touching Space: Notes from a Meditative Art Practice (2015).

Suzanne presented her Reclaim your Creativity course several times in Australia before convening her dream-come-true retreat in Florence, Italy, followed by a joint-venture creativity course for a Franciscan Community in Germany (2016). Many times she has witnessed the benefits of integrating creativity coaching with her art classes to help students grow their inner artist through building both skills and confidence.

Aside from private courses, Suzanne has presented workshops for The Jung Society, The Australian National University, The Belconnen Art Centre, NSW Department of Education, Il Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, and Peak Performance Development, Sydney.


– life coaching

– art courses with creativity coaching

– artist mentoring