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Shani Alexander Painting Program
Shani Alexander


Shani Alexander believes colour revives the spirit!  Formally trained in painting, printmaking, adult education and psycho-spirituality, Shani weaves her unique skill set into the design of painting programs to offer a creative experience with a whole lot more than just the birth of a beautiful ready-to-hang HERO painting.

Shani’s programs offer a deeply nourishing pilgrimage that gives the participant permission to loosen up, embrace colour and express their creative voice. It doesn’t matter where participants are on their creative journey as the focus is on releasing blocks, listening to their spirit, finding what ignites their artistic soul and experiencing authentic ME time in a totally non-judgmental way.

In a beautiful, inspiring and lovingly creative environment, the glorious painting programs are a full immersion into colour and heartily supported by food, music, the companionship of like-minded souls and a beloved working dog, Florence.