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Sean Jago

Psychosomatic Therapist

Sean has been fascinated with people from his earliest recollection and has had a diverse range of life experiences. These ultimately led him to become involved in the holistic industry in 2000 and then a dynamic International Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy in 2007.

To become a ‘Holistic Health Practitioner’ Sean studied various forms and techniques including Reiki, Holistic Tactile Therapy, Transformational Medicine, Theta DNA Therapy and Postural Integration, before making Psychosomatic Therapy his dedication.

Sean’s background in Postural Integration gives him a unique approach to physical awareness combined with a deep emotional understanding of each individual. Sean guides his clients and students on how to process their lives in order to bring clarity and empowerment.

Sean is the living example of how self-refinement is the most valuable tool an individual can have. The more you relate to yourself, the more you will rediscover the reigns of your life and in turn be able to help others do the same.

His approach to the human form is unique as he works with the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Energetic systems of the body. His expertise is in understanding the body systems, their emotional purpose and the ability you have to fully experience your human capacity.

Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy has shown Sean how to gracefully connect with his authentic self and be able to communicate from that point of reference with others. Sean reminds you that life is to be loved, lived and understood for liberation to be fully experienced and expressed.

Through understanding our conditioning we are able to access the truth of our human nature. Now is the time globally to be the multi-dimensional, multi-sensory beings we are designed to be.