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Sarah Harry

Psychotherapist/Yoga Teacher

Sarah Harry is one of Australia’s leading Body Image and Eating Disorder specialists. Her roles in this field are varied and she offers a unique perspective as an experienced Clinician, Lecturer, Researcher, Yoga Teacher and Author. She is the co-director of Body Positive Australia  with Fiona Sutherland.

Sarah was the first yogi in Australia to offer yoga for bigger bodies. She has practised yoga for more than 20 years and has been running specialist classes and retreats for the last few years all over the world. She is regularly featured in the the media advising on body image, eating disorders and accessible yoga and has appeared in all forms of media from “The Project” to “Huffington Post”

Sarah has more than 15 years’ experience counselling individuals and groups with all kinds of eating and body image issues, she has worked in the public and private sectors, lectures at universities and has just published her first book “Fat Yoga – Yoga for All Bodies”  She is on the Board of HAES Australia, regularly presents at conferences and is a past Board Member and Vice President of Eating Disorders Victoria. Sarah is a Ambassador for Vic Health Australia’s “This Girl Can” Campaign.