Ruth Kemp - SWell

Kinesiology, light dynamics therapy
Ruth Kemp

Kinesiologist/Reiki and Light Dynamics Practitioner

Ruth is a Kinesiologist, Reiki/Light Dynamics practitioner, and meditation teacher who works from a space of absolute love for her clients.  It is her goal is to support you to live life as your best Self.  Her work involves connecting and clearing the mind body spirit complex of past emotional trauma and energetic holding patterns that are impacting your experience of life now.  This can be especially helpful in dealing with issues that may not have been resolved through mainstream health treatments.

Your body wants to be well, and your body holds your “story” which is expressed physically in the wellness or illness that we experience in life.  Using kinesiology, Ruth works gently with your body and awareness to support you in releasing old patterns of stress and energetic blocks, enabling you to experience wellness and wholeness through all dimensions of your Self.  Working with each of the Structural, Chemical and Emotional aspects she aims to bring your body into balance.

Ruth is available for sessions on Fridays, Saturdays and some evenings by request.