Rachel Sietzema - SWell Psych-K, EFT, Matrix Practitioner and Facilitator

Rachel Sietzema SWell Centre EFT
Rachel Sietzema

Psych-K/Matrix/EFT facilitator and practitioner

Rachel is a Psych K, EFT and Matrix practitioner which enables her to facilitate change in people’s lives. Using these modalities, Rachel can assist people to identify and transform limiting beliefs which are affecting their health and happiness.

Rachel has worked as a qualified primary and special needs teacher and Life Educator for over twenty years. This has given her an in-depth understanding of the diversity and complexity of people’s thinking processes and resulting behaviours at a conscious level. This developed over the years into an awareness of how subconscious thinking affects people’s lives. This started her interest in working with these hidden behavioural influences.

There are many challenges that we all face in life and our beliefs affect how we interpret and react to them. The work Rachel does with clients highlights subconscious beliefs and replaces them with supportive beliefs that allow them to achieve their desired life aspirations.

Qualifications: Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, PSYCH-K Facilitator

Complementary Skills: SET (Simple Energy Technique), TRE -(Trauma and Tension Release Technique), Bowen Therapy (International School of Bowen Therapy), Certificate IV in Assessment and Training, Certificate IV in Life Education Skills, Senior Screener Irlen Institute (Screening for Dyslexia), Graduate Diploma in Special Needs, Diploma in Teaching Primary