Margaret Loftus - SWell

Margaret Loftus


Margaret uses the wisdom of the Enneagram, a psycho-spiritual ‘map’ to assist others in developing deeper levels of awareness of themselves and others. This promotes higher levels of self-management as well as emotional and spiritual maturity.

Her passion is moving people toward discovering their authentic self, which is often hidden beneath the repetitive behaviours of the performing self. This can bring to life the gifts of their essential nature, encourage personal transformation and enhance relationships. It is important work for those on a spiritual path.

An understanding of the Enneagram can also offer deep insight for anyone who works with people in a professional role such as spiritual directors, counsellors, coaches and psychologists/psychotherapists. Margaret works with a range of organisations and individuals to promote emotional intelligence and offers individual coaching and workshops for groups and businesses. She also specialises in a five week Parenting Coaching program, supporting parents in the important and sometimes challenging role of being a parent.