Dea Sani - SWell Dea Sani Sports Kinesiology and Wellness Coach

Dea Sani

Sports Kinesiologist/Wellness Coaching/Rehab Trainer

Once upon a time, Dea was a scientist and a personal trainer. In the later role, she had the opportunity to work with clients recovering from chronic injuries that have affected their lives. We’ve seen how physical treatments have helped Dea’s clients, but not to their full recovery. Dea was driven to find another way to help clients in achieving their full recovery, that missing link. This led her into Sports Kinesiology, Wellness Coaching and Rehab Training.

Dea’s practice since 2013 has evolved around holistic and integrative health approach to help people with:

  • Quicker recovery from chronic musculoskeletal conditions
  • Harmonising your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects
  • Achieving your desired health level and sustaining it
  • Having fun in your wellness journey!

Nowadays, Dea is a part time corporate employee and a full time student of life, always looking to help more people through her practice. Having worked in the corporate world, she understands the stress and challenges that come with it, and is passionate in helping others achieve wellness, their way, in our modern living.

Hobbies & interests: scuba diving, martial arts, hiking and travelling, and many, many more.

B.Sc (Hons) and B.Info System

Studying Dip. of Counselling