Our Practitioners

Aicha Brogan

I am an experienced Gestalt psychotherapist who has provided counselling and psychotherapy to people from diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds for the past fifteen years, including  experience working with trauma, anxiety and depression.

Underlying my practice is a belief that we all have the capacity to live our lives more consciously, and that therapy has the potential to assist people to become more aware of the habitual ways in which they react to life, and to consequently experience deeper levels of meaningfulness and connection in their lives.

Psychotherapy offers an opportunity to gain a greater sense of self-awareness into the ways in which we live our lives, ways that may no long support us. It can provide an opportunity to explore our lives in a supportive, compassionate yet sometimes challenging environment.

Wendy Brokenshire
Counselling for Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships and Gender Identity

Wendy is an experienced counsellor;  clinically registered family therapist and accredited mental health practitioner providing support to those experiencing a range of mental health and wellbeing challenges including; anxiety, addiction, depression, gender and sexuality identity and relationships.

Wendy has maintained a keen interest in assisting people to take control of their addiction behaviours and is able to offer support to family members of those impacted by the cycle of addiction.

Wendy invites couples to take a ‘health’ check of their relationship which can sometimes be de-prioritised due to the tension that can emerge due to work/life balance pressures.

Wendy takes a holistic and person centred approach to her work as a counsellor,. She aims to assist people to understand how past lived experiences may be linked to current personal challenges and aims to assist people to develop the prospect of creating a more positive future!

Therapies: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-tapping), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, Trauma.

Qualifications: Bachelor in Social Work (Monash University), Clinical Family Therapist (Barbra Fraser & Associates), Master in Social Work (Monash University)

Registered Bodies: Australian Association of Social Work (AASW), Clinically Registered Family Therapist (AAFT), Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AASW)

Sarah Cosgrave
Reiki and Neuro Training

Hi my name is Sarah. I’m a stress release expert. As an Intensive Care Nurse, Reiki and Neuro-Training practitioner, I help female nurses gain reconnection with their mind, body & soul, find relaxation & calm, as well as new perspective. I’m really passionate about encouraging people to stop and rest so that they can find the happiness and balance they deserve and have the life they want to live.

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. Reiki involves an understanding that we are more than just our physical selves. We are energetic beings which incorporate our emotional, physical and spiritual selves. The process of hands on healing via the energy centres in our bodies (chakras) provides relaxation, healing and an opportunity for us to let go of stress at a subconscious level.

Neuro-Training is a healing modality which follows principles of Kinesiology. Muscle testing, pressure points and meridians are used to assess and improve health and wellbeing. Both work towards relaxation, healing and letting go of stress.

Margaret Gough
Classical Homoeopath, Naturopath and Herbalist

Margaret Gough is a Classical Homoeopath, Naturopath and Herbalist with 35 years experience.
Margaret provides the following services: Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Kinesiology, Bach and Bush Flower Essences.
Margaret treats acute, deep-seated and hereditary health conditions. Margaret uses Iridology and Kinesiology as diagnostic tools together with a case history. She focuses intuitively on an individual and personal approach to health and wellbeing.

Qualifications:- Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Homoeopathy, Diploma in Herbal Medicine (Dorothy Hall), Certificate in Iridology, Certificate in Personal Skill Development.

Margaret is a professional member of ATMS, AROH, AHA.
Further information is available on Greendale Natural Therapies websites:-

Kim Devlin
Counselling (Play Therapy with Children)

Kim has a passion for supporting children and families and has a keen interest in child centered play therapy. She takes a client centered approach to her work, viewing clients in their broader context and uses a number of different therapeutic approaches. She has a background in disability and aged care and has worked with individuals and families across the lifespan of which she enjoys. Kim has experience in counselling young people, group work, mentoring young adults and working with people who have mental health challenges as well as supporting carers.

Qualifications:  Master of Social Work (Deakin University), Bachelor of Arts Christian Counselling (Tabor College).

Professional Memberships: AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers).

Jodi Green
ADHD Coach

Jodi is director and lead coach at ADHD-iD. As an ADHD coach, she is passionate about supporting parents. If you have a child or children with ADHD or related complexities, she strives to provide a space where you can grow your understanding of ADHD, embrace the challenges you face with your complex family, and design the identity you want for yourself, so that you can have the skills and freedom to nurture your child towards success.

Jodi offers private coaching and collaborates with Joan Wright Howie to bring you a 6-week course called “Sanity School for Parents”.

Margaret Loftus
Transformational Coach, Counsellor, Spiritual Director, Workshop Facilitator

Margaret uses the wisdom of the Enneagram, a psycho-spiritual ‘map’ to assist others in developing deeper levels of awareness of themselves and others. This promotes higher levels of self-management as well as emotional and spiritual maturity.

Her passion is moving people toward discovering their authentic self, which is often hidden beneath the repetitive behaviours of the performing self. This can bring to life the gifts of their essential nature, encourage personal transformation and enhance relationships.

It is important work for those on a spiritual path.

An understanding of the Enneagram can also offer deep insight for anyone who works with people in a professional role such as spiritual directors, counsellors, coaches and psychologists/psychotherapists.

She also specialises in Parenting Coaching, in particular Children Surviving Divorce:
 Seven Ways to Co Parent in a Healthy Way

Margaret offers private sessions and runs workshops for groups and businesses.

Margaret has co-authored a book, “Knowing Me, Knowing Them. Understand Your Parenting Personality by discovering the Enneagram.”

Qualifications: B.Ed; Grad Dip Couns; The Art of Spiritual Direction; Life Coach

Registered bodies:  Professional Member of  IEA (International Enneagram Association) Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition; The Enneagram in Business.

Michele Morgan
Creative Art Therapist, Community Singing Facilitator

Michelle is a registered Arts Therapist (AThR), and has been walking the path of healing and creativity for 17 years. Michelle is passionate about creating gentle and supportive spaces that allow people to inquire, reflect and find insight into their lived experience using a range of modalities (visual art, clay work, sculpture, collage, dreamwork, installation, sound and movement). She offers individual and group arts therapies sessions, and also facilitates community singing and sacred sound groups.


Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice (Miecat); Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy (Phoenix Institute); Diploma in Creative Industries (Victoria University); Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health, with Honours) & Bachelor of Pastoral Care (La Trobe University).

Professional Memberships:

ANZATA – Professional Member; Holistic Therapists Association – Professional Member

Virginia Kirton
Yoga Instructor & Therapist

Once upon a time Virginia worked as an architect and urban sociologist. For the past 15 years she has been privileged to teach yoga and practice as a yoga therapist. First introduced to yoga at 16, her personal practice waxed and waned for two decades. Then she got really serious. Her focus is on traditional raja yoga – paying attention to her attitudes, her physical, mental and emotional well-being and seeking faith in what is beyond her understanding, Buddhist loving kindness practices support my journey.

Tara Reed
Yoga Instructor and Therapist

Tara has been a student of yoga for over 20 years and a teacher for 14 years.  She undertook the Yoga Australia accredited Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (850+hrs) in 2004/2005 and over the past 20 years has been fortunate to travel and study with a variety of renowned teachers around the globe. 

Tara teaches a gentle vinyasa flow style of yoga, incorporating flowing movement with the breath and attention to body alignment. Each class incorporates elements of meditation and yogic philosophy, all woven together to create a very mindful flow.

A mother of two children, Tara appreciates the affect that the practice of yoga can have on the relationships in our lives. Not only on our close relationships but also with the wider community as a whole. As Thich Nhat Hanh says “the most precious gift we can offer others is our presence”.

Tara believes that yoga is for everyone. Whether you are able to move a little or a lot doesn’t matter; spending an hour practicing conscious awareness and breath will transform you.

Forever a student of yoga, Tara is committed to working on herself so that she may benefit others.

Tara teaches a gentle vinyasa style of yoga which incorporates flowing movement with the breath and attention to body alignment. Each class incorporates elements of meditation and yogic philosophy, all woven together to create a very mindful flow. Each class is open level and I give different options depending upon who comes along.

Louisa Ong
Speech Pathologist
Jane Ormonde
Spiritual Director
Charissa Turbin
Soul Energy Healing
Mika Hatano
Remedial Massage

Mika is a qualified massage therapist who operates day, evening and weekends.

Shani Alexander
Art Therapy

Arriving in August 2018.

Brett Fernandez

Arriving in July 2018.

Our Staff

Rev. Joan Wright Howie
Spiritual Director, Supervision
Joan is the minister at Habitat Uniting Church. With a Masters in spiritual direction Joan brings a keen interest in spiritual formation offering spiritual direction and retreats. Joan has extensive training in professional supervision and is available for professionals needing this service. Joan loves being with people attending to the presence of God and fostering a discerning heart. It is here that faith forms our action and lives are transformed.
SWell Centre Practice Manager

Stephen's experience is a business manager in corporate and small business. It is only recently that spirituality and wellbeing became his renewed focus. This new path of passion combined with basic business knowledge lead Stephen to take up the baton of the SWell Centre Practice Manager to implement operational systems for the facility and to also support practitioners in reaching their entrepreneurial dreams. Stephen looks forward to meeting and connecting with each practitioner and supporting their business success.

Jenny Batten
Arts Therapist & Spiritual Director
Jenny is in her third and final year of study towards a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practices (MIECAT) and is currently in a placement with Habitat Uniting Church working with the Canterbury congregation and the SWell Centre. Jenny is also in her second year of formation as a Spiritual Director with the Living Well Centre. Jenny is an accredited InterPlay leader and applies Body Wisdom practices to integrate mind, body & spirit through story, voice & movement. She is Section leader and committee member of the Melbourne Singers of Gospel and is Music Director of the Melbourne Threshold Choir.