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You might have a home address, a home phone and a home loan, but have you got a home page? If you connect to the internet and navigate your way around the SWell website, your one click away from being welcomed ‘home’. On our home page, you will read that SWell gathers together practitioners from many modalities who share a common interest in providing care of the whole person: mind, body and spirit. SWell is living out this vision by creating a home for practitioners and clients to share high quality care in comfortable homely spaces.

We might qualify for an episode on ‘Home Improvements’ as we convert meeting rooms into consulting spaces and a multi purpose room into an art studio. We’d certainly be a contender for ‘Backyard Blitz’ given the brilliant work in the garden creating an oasis for contemplation under the peppercorn trees and eucalyptus.

We all know that buildings don’t make a home. Homes form when there is a heart beating strong at the center drawing folks in and sending them out. SWell is people creating communities of Spirit providing support and care. We become together a home place for our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Living by Spirit does not promise a comfortable ride, but does promise that truth will set us free and awakens abundant life.

– Joan Wright Howie

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