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The SWell community is for people from all walks of life who seek connection with nature, others, within self and beyond. Members of the community might call themselves spiritual but not religious or be comfortable in a religious system but long for more profound lived experience. As a spiritual and holistic wellness community, SWell provides an inclusive open space to learn wisdom from our heritage, explore new ideas, experience connection and engage in processes for spiritual formation.

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Peter Hess Sound Massage with Abby Lee

Peter Hess Sound Massage Abby runs group Sound Meditation sessions and private Sound Healing sessions. In the private sessions she predominately uses the Peter Hess Sound Massage method. Abby is a one of the few certified Peter Hess Sound Massage Therapists in Australia. Peter Hess Sound Massage is a form of Sound Therapy and Relaxation […]

Qigong with Abby lee

A bit about Abby   Abby is a gentle, approachable, encouraging and generous person who loves to share the knowledge she has gathered over a 20-year journey through the world of natural medicine. She is passionate about wellness and never stops training and learning. Abby formerly worked as a professional in the financial services and […]

The 12 Days of Christmas

By: Joan Wright-Howie     You’ve heard it said, there are 12 days of Christmas. Did you hear them sing about the multitude of gifts one true love gave to another? Gifts included: calling birds, partridges, doves, hens, lords leaping, ladies dancing, pipers and drummers; not to mention golden rings! If you got all those […]

Spiritual But Not Religious

By: Joan Wright-Howie   More and more, I encounter people unconnected with the church who describe themselves as having an active spiritual life but not religious. Some have backgrounds in religious traditions, others parents or grandparents chose to leave the church. These people might be curious about Christianity but are not formed in the language […]

Economy of Abundance  

We hear a lot about economics these days. There’s the Stock Market with its All Ordinaries Index and its Futures Index. There’s the GDP, the GNP and the Current Account Deficit. Ours is based on the assumption that there are scarce resources and they therefore need to be valued and traded. Each of us is […]

Antibiotic Awareness

Article – Antibiotic Awareness Week 12-18th November 2018 Australia has one of the highest rates of antibiotic use in the world. Both in Australia and internationally there is a growing concern about the emergence of anti microbial resistance. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently labelled antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest threats to […]


You might have a home address, a home phone and a home loan, but have you got a home page? If you connect to the internet and navigate your way around the SWell website, your one click away from being welcomed ‘home’. On our home page, you will read that SWell gathers together practitioners from […]


Mindfulness is a much used and little understood concept. It is a potential tool for ‘self-development’ in the context of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex social environment. Mindfulness practice has a part to play in the creation of a sustainable health care system. With regular practice, mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help […]

Reflecting on the Practice of Non-Violence

On 2nd October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, it is the ‘International Day of Non-Violence’.

What is Spirituality

Ever tried answering the question: what is Spirituality? Like most people, you’ll probably find it a tricky thing to define.