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Peter Hess Sound Massage with Abby Lee

Peter Hess Sound Massage Abby runs group Sound Meditation sessions and private Sound Healing sessions. In the private sessions she predominately uses the Peter Hess Sound Massage method. Abby is a one of the few certified Peter Hess Sound Massage Therapists in Australia. Peter Hess Sound Massage is a form of Sound Therapy and Relaxation Therapy. Sound ...
qigong swell centre

Qigong with Abby lee

A bit about Abby   Abby is a gentle, approachable, encouraging and generous person who loves to share the knowledge she has gathered over a 20-year journey through the world of natural medicine. She is passionate about wellness and never stops training and learning. Abby formerly worked as a professional in the financial services and technology industries so ...


Mindfulness is a much used and little understood concept. It is a potential tool for ‘self-development’ in the context of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex social environment. Mindfulness practice has a part to play in the creation of a sustainable health care system. With regular practice, mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help you ...

What is Spirituality

Ever tried answering the question: what is Spirituality? Like most people, you’ll probably find it a tricky thing to define. (more…)