About Us - SWell Spritual wellness and community

Welcome to SWell

The SWell community supports your healing and spiritual formation through individual consultations, classes, workshops and gatherings. We curate companionship on your life journey, connection beyond yourself and an inclusive space for surrender, rest and belonging. At the SWell Centre, we know wellbeing emerges when you have a balance of resources to meet the challenges of daily living. We will hold care of your soul as central to the healing and growth of your spirit, body and mind so love, empowerment and compassion will abound. You will develop clarity of purpose, identity  and interior freedom as you live out your calling. We are supported by Habitat Uniting Church who seek to grow in grace, nurture community and make a positive difference in the world. By contributing to the growing spirituality and wellbeing movement and meeting the fundamental human need for spiritual nourishment,
the Church hopes to cultivate activists for love and advocates for justice.

Our Story

We have seen a huge shift in the 21st century in the way people in western culture approach religion and spirituality. From adopting a religious tradition as a package with history, theology, rituals and ethics, more and more people now seek to connect personally with spirituality. We encounter a variety of practices and beliefs, but with so many options and ideas available, it can be difficult and lonely navigating a path to healing and clarity of purpose.

Over the last 50 years there has been a rising interest in spirituality. Lots of people are offering workshops and running groups to explore spiritual practices, recognising a connection between spirituality and theory. Through community life and therapeutic practice, SWell seeks to nurture this connection.
The SWell facilities were originally built in 1889 as a Sunday School Hall for the Augustine Congregational Church.

In the early 1970’s the congregation created the Augustine Centre which focused on personal growth workshops to inspire people, ideas and spirit.

In recent years the Habitat Uniting Church was formed when three local churches joined together. With its progressive and inclusive approach, the church community developed a vision to bring Spirituality and Wellbeing together in a multi-modality practice.  Practitioners contribute to the centre, but run their own business and receives administrative support, infrastructure and access to facilities. Participants form a learning community who join gatherings sharing wisdom and mutual support.  The SWell Centre was born with the hope to make church accessible to people who are interested in spirituality, not necessarily religion.

Our grounding principles

Spirituality is a condition of human nature, nature teaches us how to be human and being fully human draws us toward spiritual interconnectedness.

Wellbeing emerges when we have a balance of resources to meet challenges.

Care of the soul is central to uncovering unique giftedness and calling.

Community is central to nurture belonging and identity.

Encountering our interior landscape informs our engagement with the landscape of our daily lives.

Our vision

To provide safe space for connecting, healing, belonging and becoming.

Our values


Spirituality – We are all spiritual beings with active inner lives seeking connection beyond the self into the greater.  Life takes us on a spiritual journey to discover our identity in relationship with ourselves, our purpose, our communities, our environment and the Divine.


Positivity – We have a positive attitude, energy and passion for life. We look for   friendships, happiness, laughter and joy within our business culture and wider community.


Integrity – We uphold our personal and professional ethics to be faithful and committed to the SWell vision. We are flexible and actively focus on the needs of our clients, colleagues and community. We honour confidentiality as we create a safe community space.


Respect – We treat everyone fairly, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, age, financial situation, beliefs, culture and individual differences.


Imagination & Inspiration – We are are imaginative in our work and creative in our activities. We respectfully create space for ideas and self expression.


Team Work – We work collaboratively as a team. We benefit from our shared knowledge and value the skills of each individual.