SWell Spiritual Wellness Centre | Spiritual and Holistic Therapies

SWell Open Day!

Saturday, 17th August from 10am-2pm

SWell opens its doors to the greater community and welcomes everyone to walk in and explore, discuss and trial the offerings of our Practitioners throughout the day, free of charge!

Sample yoga, arts therapy, qigong, mindfulness and movement classes. Enjoy short sessions and consultations for reiki, energy healing, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, Psych-K, EFT and more!

Tea, coffee and light snacks will be available. Join us for a wonderful day of exploration and conversation.

Click here to read our SWell July – December 2019 Program online.


Spirituality and wellbeing come together in the SWell community. The Swell spiritual and holistic health and wellness centre offers a safe space for connecting, healing, belonging and becoming. Awaken abundant life.
You may say that you are spiritual but not religious or you may find spiritual nourishment at the heart of your religion.
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, SWell welcomes you with respect and will honour your dignity.

SWell acknowledges the Wurundjeri traditional custodians of the land on which we meet and listens with respect for the wisdom of ancestors,
elders and our emerging future.

SWell is a spiritual formation community where people experience healing, befriend their true-selves, discover clarity of purpose and through at-oneness in Presence awaken abundant life.

“SWell links me with like minded people and supports me on my spiritual journey.”


“Through SWell I’ve connected with supportive practitioners who’ve helped me work through my problems. I feel energised and positive about life.”


“SWell offers a whole new way of connecting into the church spaces and spiritual practices without the dogma and demands. It feels so positive, inspiring and challenges me to grow.”


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