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SWell Spirituality and Wellbeing Centre, Hawthorn Victoria

Spirituality & Wellbeing Centre

SWell integrates spirituality and wellbeing at our unique centre in Hawthorn. Our practitioners provide you with soul-centred care in each of their specialty modalities. As a group of therapists and teachers in different techniques we delight in coming together with you to awaken abundant life.

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Coming together with you
to Awaken Abundant Life

Our unifying principle is to hold care of the soul as an integral part of healing and wholeness. Wellbeing emerges when you have a balance of resources to meet your life challeges. We provide effective ways to work with spirit, body and mind, creating stability, strength and condidence for indivduals and communities.

We have a unique heritage location within beautiful peaceful surroundings at the Habitat Uniting Church – formerly the Augustine Centre. Our commitment is to utilise best-practice technologies and techniques alongside time-honoured traditions of healing and wisdom.


SWell at Habitat
Spirituality & Wellbeing Centre
2 Minona Street, Hawthorn VIC
Phone 03 9819 2844

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